Dream fulfiller 

 My dreams first.

 Then other people s dreams. Like the oxygen mask on the plane.

More accurate is to say that at the beginning was the music, the singing. 

But this dream is still under construction. So let me say for now that theatre was the true beginning.

And the beginning of the beginning was about acting.


I started in my career as a professional actor in ”I. D. Sarbu” Theatre, Petrosani, Romania. I was playing parts in ”La Putain respectueuse” (J.P. Sartre) and in a lot of children plays.

 As I was stepping on the professional stage for the first time, I didn’t knew back then that this will be a lifetime relationship, the kind that I can’t withdraw myself from. Not that I would not have tried it, perhaps several times when disappointment and bitterness darkened the energy of my theatrical life.


As I was studying acting (Hyperion University, Bucharest, between 1993-1997) I have also played small parts on the stage of the National Theater Bucharest, in large productions like Shakespeare s ”Romeo and Juliet” and Josua Sobol s ”Ghetto”. Then, in 1996, I was offered an important part in ”Toma Caragiu”- Ploiesti production ”The Red Asylum”, playwright Gordan Mihic. After that I performed  a complex part in an independent production of ”Les Chaises”  by Eugène Ionesco. 

Then the dream got bigger.

In 1996 I started studying theatre directing at The National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest (UNATC).

My exam performances were well received during ”The Open Doors” Festivals and soon after that I was invited to The Sighişoara Medieval Festival with my student exam production of  ”L’Amour médecin” by Moliere.

Then I directed and produced my first independent production: ”Othello” by W. Shakespeare powered by Teatrul Luni of Green Hours.

All these were followed by my nomination for Debut Of The Year at the 2001 UNITER Prizes, for directing August Strindberg s  ”The Pelican”.


But wait!

When I was sure that my career is already predictable, something amazing happened: I started to work in all the creative industries I never even thought before: advertising, PR, television, glossy magazines & publishing houses, corporate training and team building.


Long story short.


1998 ”L’Amour médecin” by Molière (Produced by Sighişoara Medieval Festival)

1999 ”Othello” by W. Shakespeare (Produced by Teatrul Luni of Green Hours.)

2000 ”The Pelican” by August Strindberg (Produced by Iași National Theatre)

2000 ”The flood” by Mary Beth McNulty (produced by Casandra Studio)

2001 ”Prelude to Electra” by Petru Dumitriu (Produced By Theatrum Mundi, Bucharest)

2001 ”Matteo Circus” by Adrian Lustig (Produced by Iași National Theatre)

2004 ”The typhoon night” after ”A stormy night” by I. L. Caragiale (independent production)

2004 ”The cherry orchard” by A. P. Chekhov (produced by Constanta National Theatre )

2005 ”Group of blind people in a cinema hall” by Iosif Naghiu (spoken performance) produced by Odeon Theatre, Bucharest

2005 ”After the rain” by Sergi Belbel (Produced by ”Sica Alexandrescu” Theatre, Brasov)

2006 ”Travesties” by Tom Stoppard (Produced by Nottara Theatre, Bucharest)

2006 ”Love labour’s  lost” by W. Shakespeare (Produced by ”G. A. Petculescu” Theatre, Resita)

2006 ”Chat” by Stefan Caraman (produced by ”Pi Buni” Theatre, Piatra Neamt)

2007 ”The Alchemist” after Paulo Coelho (Produced by”Sica Alexandrescu” Theatre, Brasov)

2007 ”Wake up and smell the coffee” by Eric Bogosian (independent production)

2007 ”The Nameless Star” by Mihail Sebastian (produced by ”Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre, Arad)

2007 „Love in four panels” by Lukas Bärfuss (produced by” George Ciprian” Theatre, Buzău)

2008 ”Tartuffe” by Molière (produced ”Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre, Arad)

2008 ”The light of the darkness” after Matei Visniec (produced by ”G. A. Petculescu” Theatre, Resita)

2009 ”One nite stand” by Tottone (produced by Arca Theatre, Bucharest)

2010 ”As you like it” by W. Shakespeare (produced by Constanta Drama Theatre  )

2012 ”Twelfth Night, or What You Wil” by W. Shakespeare (produced ”Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre, Arad)

2013 ”Hamlet, next hour” by Laura Ilinca (produced by Godot Cafe Theatre, Bucharest)

2018 ”Gärten des Grauens” by Daniel Call (produced by ”Sica Alexandrescu” Theatre, Brasov)



2002-2004 Copywriter & BTL events director with small independent advertising agencies (clients: Philipshave, Accesori Italia, Baxi)

2003-2004 Freelance editor with Cosmopolitan Romania

2004-2011 Event scriptwriter and director with Roddia

2004 Artistic Director with National TV 

2005-2006 Event director for McCanErickson PR Romania

2007 Scriptwriter and TV director for the reality show ”Doroftei: the second chance” produced by Paprika Entertainment for Kanal D

2007 Children book author – ”Odrin in tara fiburnutelor” Published by Nemira Publishing House, Bucharest

2010-2019 Designing and facilitating hundreds of training experiences, topped by the unique and original Metamorphosis, a 4 day leadership training for boosting intuition, based on theatrical techniques with Trainart 

2011-2019 Founding and developing my own training & coaching company, Mister Dan Vasile SRL and delivering hundreds of trainings and team buildings for about 2700 outstandingly satisfied clients.