Art is about courage in exploration and genuine curiosity. What about life? Your life!

Artists are continuously developing while facing the unknown. Their life is about stretching and evolving no mater the blurry horizon. It is also about collaboration. With other artists, disciplines or others perspectives. Basic it’s about living and celebrating the change as a primordial life energy.

For me the supreme challenge as an artist was and remained living in a state of art.

Because ”framing” and ”conceptualising”, ”making a point” and standing ovations are rewarding, memorable… aaand life is much larger than this.

I found that small gestures like making the breakfast for the loved ones, getting the best outfit from your wardrobe for what seems to be a messy day, smiling at all the closing doors in front of you, walking tall in the middle of (what you think it is) a professional disaster, hugging instead of arguing can became the new habit and ultimately will lead to the art of being you. Art of you. Yourself, the one and only, untamed, honouring your values and living up to your own art.

Because our time and the rest of our resources are limited but our life purpose is what will stay forever after in this world, keeping the path of each one of us on this thin sand beach of humanity.

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