As an experienced theatre director and coach with more than 700 hours of coaching and more than 100 clients I know that everyone keeps inside, sometime well hidden, her/his best resources to become the central character and ultimately a star in her/his own life story.

Dare to become a memorable presence, never to be missed. By working with me you will:

  • identify your natural values; the deeply honoured and less honoured ones
  • discover your unique Life Statement and recalibrate your actions according to it
  • develop a consistent and motivating action plan to create the New You with the New Routines
  • develop the new attitude (posture, gestures & voice) needed for your next life & career steps
  • transform your entire look (hair, make up, clothes, shoes) with the most spectacular style coaching you’ll ever get

Come and see for yourself how it is to develop a powerful, memorable presence.

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