During the years of hard work with the actors I discovered that each time I directed a play I put much more effort on the process of the actor s  own discovery of the character then on my spectacular „signature”. I was far more interested in creating deep connections between the actor s personality and the internal mechanisms of the character he/she played and less interested in emphasising my original vision. Therefore coaching was as a matter of fact my main approach in working with people.

And after years of designing and delivering various kind of impactfull trainings it came as the next natural move for me, professionally speaking: working one on one with courageous people really wanting to produce significant change as the main character of their life stories.

So, since 2012 I am a Co-Active Coach (CTI) with more then 500 hours of coaching and more then 100 clients.

Since 2015 I started systemic coaching certification with ORSC™.

Instead of explaining more what I really do as a coach I invite you to see it for yourself.

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