If you feel like you’re living between worlds and belonging to none, if you’re about or just got promoted, hired, fired, divorced, married, got kids, lost someone dear, moved to a different place, country, considering a different career path or even a different approach on your sexuality you are in a transition. And if you look closely you’ve been all of your life in small kinds of transitions.

Maybe this one is bigger and more challenging but you still got all the skills and mechanisms ready to get you through and to reach fulfillment in your own, unique way.

My job is to reconnect you with your own resources that you might even not know that you have in order to thrive instead of just to cope with.

I’ve been doing this for the last ten years even if in the beginning I was not aware at all about the huge transformative processes I’ve accompanied. But the amazing feedback received from my wonderful clients made me realized the value of this process and, step by step, consciously upgrade my coaching toolbox.

Because, like most of my clients, swiping between raising my 3 sons, theatre directing, marriage, divorce, coaching, cooking, corporate facilitating, copywriting, styling, TV shows, corporate events, etc, I was always finding myself in at least one transition at the time.

My offer is a very dynamic and “made to measure” monthly package of 3 coaching sessions backed up with unlimited written and vocal messages on any platform you prefer (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram). Because I find out that being able to communicate exactly in those challenging, blurry, intense, devastating, irritating, a-ha moments adds more depth, structure, flow, connection, motivation, and long-term results to the algorithm of the actual coaching session.

Of course, you have to “taste” it first to see if it’s the right process for you and that’s why I am happy to offer you a first 30 minutes complimentary session.

As coaching seems such a luxurious hobby these days I am here to prove this perception is as shallow as, mostly, Instagram is. That’s why I am offering you the opportunity to decide for yourself.

And after that, don’t worry about the amount of investment, because we all live in abundance. And that is not necessarily linked with the numbers of our income.

We start when you’re ready.

Or even better, start before you’re ready.