Of course you have a style.

Of course you had at least few chances to see and enjoy your impact.

Of course you’re already somehow aware of your fundamental values and unquestionable preferences.


How would it be if all that so called different pieces of your life will be aligned?

What choices you’ll most likely make being completely aware of and true to yourself?

What if you could redesign your image based on your full personality, honouring your most precious founding values? And feel complete and powerful like never before?

What could be possible by finding your very own, unique, memorable signature? Where you will be with the right attitude, an organic gestures, an engaging speech and the irresistible look? And still not following common trends and other peoples choices.

How about casting yourself as a main character in your own story?

What I think is important for you to know about me (and I’m open to connect deeper, too)

Basically, I’ve been living and working in both worlds.

In my (so far) two decades artistic career I’ve been first acting and then directing more than 30 theatre productions (including famous Shakespeare’s, Chekhov’s, Caragiale’s & other well known plays & authors), writing and directing Tv shows, writing a children book & lots of copies for advertising and glossy magazines and I’ve been deliver lots of big corporate events from concept to stage.

In my other career, more than one decade delivering hundreds of corporate trainings for thousands of participants from about 40 great multinational organizations, facilitating more than 700 hours of coaching and consultancy I’ve been amazed to witness again and again the huge transformations of so called “normal people”.

And because I strongly believe in a solid education I’ve done both Acting and Theatre Directing faculties, I have a MA in Cultural Marketing and Management, I’ve completed an advanced Fashion Stylist course and from 2011 I am a certified CoActive coach (CTI) while training with ORSC™ since 2015.

My personal working style is mixing Coaching with Consulting and Mentoring techniques, choosing from my wide range of experience what I find to serve best my clients interests. I think storytelling, humour, humbleness and transparency are the greatest principles in working with people therefore these are my work ethic pillars.

Whether you choose the single session, the 4 sessions process or the ultimate pack you will be invited to do some pre-work. In advance to our first session you will receive an email with a special test and few meaningful questions that will enhance the coaching effectiveness.

  1. Values /Image/Impact ( 1 session of 75-120 min)

While working with me the values articulation process you will get awareness both of the honoured and the silenced (over time) ones. We will focus on what your image and your current impact is really like and all the mechanisms beyond the surface. You will be able to start connecting the dots in different aspects of your life while using both deep and playful tools. This session alone could put you in a fresh perspective while starting valuable inner transformation.

2. Reimagining Yourself (4 sessions of 60-75 min)

By working with me this compact four step transformational process you will identify and develop new habits for a new personal and professional impact. Specifically we will

Start with the values articulation process

Align the values with the proper next steps in your personal and/or professional life

Adjust body expression and optimize voice emission using acting techniques

Identifying your own formula for outfit choices based on your profile and your own intended impact rather than fashion trends (Dress according to your true style personality)

3. Rebuilt (12 sessions of 60-75 min)

By choosing to work with me this unique, powerful, twelve step transformation process you will:

Align your deepest values with your current choices in both personal and professional life

– Understand and own your psychological archetype(s), knowing what is to embrace and what is to improve

– Discover your natural grace and develop a basic set of powerful gestures for really engaging public presentations

– Recalibrate the volume, range and clarity of your voice (using proper breathing and voice optimization various techniques)

Receive your complete personal style analysis with my suggestions for your new image included.

From now on know exactly the colours, textures and proper cuts for your body shape and your skin undertone. Next outfit shopping will be more easy and targeted with considerable less of your time, energy and chances to go wrong (you will start to think in term of complete, impactful outfits instead of collecting nice-but sometime useless-clothes).

Be able to formulate and own a Life Purpose Statement that will cast the right guiding light to all your future actions and decisions.


1. For “Reimagining Yourself” and “Rebuilt programs” the sessions are to be considered no less than 1 per week and (for effectiveness purpose) no less than 1 per 10 days. So, the 4 sessions package will have to take place in a maximum 6 weeks interval and the 12 sessions package will have to take place in a maximum 16 weeks interval.

2. The client it’s completely responsible for calling and deciding (considering both agendas – Coach & Coachee) what is the right pace for her/him.

3. The cancelation policy means that both Coach and Coachee when facing an inevitable cancelation it should be no less than 48 hours before. Otherwise the session will be considered as held.

4. The Sessions are to be delivered in both english and/or Romanian.

5. The sessions are to be delivered both online and/or live, at the Coach’s office.